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Level 42 concert (7/23/10, Nokia NYC) reconstructed

Just like I did with Paul I'm going to reconstruct the Level 42 concert through YouTubes (from my show, or as recent as possible). Even though most of my friends have barely or never heard of L42, I'm obsessed. If I lived on the West Coast, I'd see them again this weekend in LA, SF, or Vegas but that's a little far.

Audience goes crazy as the band takes the stage at the Nokia

Hot Water/Dream Crazy
My actual show, from a fan up front. The audience is a bit noisy ("WHAT?").  (A little less crowd noise for "Hot Water" only here.)

World Machine
This can be hypnotic. Video from my concert is now up (above link), but the production values are better on this 2006 concert

Kansas City Milkman
Germany 6/20/10

Running in the Family
Now with video from my concert.

It's Over
The video from my concert has bad sound, so I went back to the Netherlands, 1999, to find a good one. A sad and beautiful song, though I prefer "Leaving Me Now" if they're going to sing about breakups. (Here they are in SF 7/30 and LA 7/31.)

Bass solo/Love Games
My actual concert, complete with technical glitches in the bass solo. I couldn't see from my seat that Mark King was laying down his own track using a device with a foot pedal that apparently caused the feedback ("What the hell was that?"). After the second WHOOSH around 3:40, he ends the solo and starts "Love Games." I'm too far back to be seen in the audience shot around 4:00. I LOVE this song, best of the night.  (edited to add: Here's another good video from very close up at my concert.)

from 2006

Almost There
Edited to use video from my actual concert.

The Sun Goes Down
Livin' it up! (edited to use clip from my actual concert)

Lessons in Love
My actual concert, great view from the front.

Something About You
Also my concert, same photog as previous video. Their best-known song closed the main set. King announced this is what you've all been waiting for, but I like ALL their music.

Heaven in My Hands/The Chinese Way
Encore, performed in a row just like this Swiss performance from 7/2/10.
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