Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

In the temple of productivity

Yesterday was the second day of Rosh Hashonah. I was very productive, in ways having nothing to do with the holiday.

Early in the morning, I E-mailed the job that was due. Today I have to check the corrections that were made based on my comments, and that will be done.

I went to the post office twice, getting out book trades and the sold-on-eBay magazines. I had an extra priority mail stamp bought from the vending machine in March, that was more like a dated sticker. The first clerk said I should have used it that day and it was no good and I needed to see the supervisor who wasn't in yet; the person later on said it was OK. So my fingers are crossed.

I also stopped by Daniello's and got a current menu. I had hoped the guy on the phone confused the pizza sizes, but there really was a huge price increase. The individual white pizza now costs the same as the large size used to. Amazing what a small neighborhood place can charge.

I worked at the NY Times, the first time I put on contacts or was more than a few blocks away in a month. The Times people were doing a lot of cutting and pasting on the acrostics after I sent the files and clues were getting truncated, so they thought it better that a puzzle person (me) handle this. We loaded up Will's machine and my laptop with Mike's program, and I entered a complete acrostic.

Because Will is leaving today for a week in Europe, there was a normal week of puzzles plus the following week's Sunday that was ready around midnight. I got that turned around in an hour, and went to sleep feeling I'd accomplished something. I also have next week's unreviewed daily puzzles just in case. They MUST go out Thursday night, and Will returns late Thursday afternoon (if everything is on time), so next Thursday could be hectic.

Oh no, just looked at the calendar and Thursday is Yom Kippur! Bad timing. Oh well, the work should be after sundown. I'm not religious and don't always fast, but I never work on Yom Kippur. I feel like it would be disrespectful to my heritage. At one point I thought, "This is dumb. I hardly ever go to temple. Why waste a vacation day? I'm going to work!" So that year, I got a horrible flu that kept me home over a week. OK God, I got the message.

Oh, the glamorous, deadline-filled world of publishing! (which, similar to the glamorous, deadline-filled world of television, is just a lot of hard work)

Tonight: the glamorous Union Square Cafe with my distant cousins.

Speaking of glamorous: Tom and Katie reproducing - SCARY!

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