Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Crossword times (mainly to test Facebook feed)

Facebook never imported my last 3 entries (I thought 36 hours was long enough to wait), so I stopped and re-started the feed. After the re-start, looks like those 3 notes did go to my profile page (and under Notes), but not to the news feed so no one would know they were there. So let's see what happens with this one.

I'm not sure if I'll continue recording Fri./Sat. NYT crossword times. I started when I was in a streak of less than 7, but that's been broken. My times aren't especially fast even if you allow for solving on paper while proofreading (for fast, see Dan Feyer's nonblog), and I tend to be way behind in posting so who cares? Maybe I'll keep track of when I beat Dan Feyer, which does happen occasionally on non-NYTs where we're both solving online.

For now, burrowing into the pile, which I can now throw out:

Friday, 4/9 (Ned White)  8:19, error A at 65A/48D
Saturday, 4/10 (Kevin Der)  7:11
Friday, 4/16 (Eric Berlin)  8:11
Saturday, 4/17 (Tim Croce)  9:20
Friday, 4/23 (Brad Wilbur)  5:12
Saturday, 4/24 (Thomas Heilman)  9:52
Friday, 4/30 (Natan Last)  7:19
Saturday, 5/1 (Paula Gamache)  8:06
Friday, 5/7 (Tyler Hinman)  10:03
Saturday, 5/8 (Mark Diehl)  8:10
Friday, 5/14 (Barry Silk)  5:34
Saturday, 5/15 (Trip Payne/Patrick Berry)  7:28
Friday, 5/21 (Patrick Berry)  6:39
Saturday, 5/22 (Will Nediger)  7:15
Friday, 5/28 (Joe Krozel)  5:12
Saturday, 5/29 (Caleb Madison)  6:09, error H at 1A/5D
Friday, 6/4 (Martin Ashwood-Smith)  7:08
Saturday, 6/5 (Sam Donaldson)  7:33, error A at 16A/10D (oops)
Friday, 6/11 (John Dunn)  4:40
Saturday, 6/12 (Joe DiPietro)  6:05
Friday, 6/18 (Karen Tracey)  5:56
Saturday, 6/19 (Sam Donaldson)  6:35

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