Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

It's not a chocolate bar, it's a book!

Crossword constructor and humor writer Deb Amlen's book "It's Not PMS, It's You!" just hit the stores, and she celebrated with a party at a midtown recording studio. I did not make an effect to meet anyone new, and thus did not meet Deb's nonpuzzle family and friends, but even sticking with the puzzle contingent still met a few spouses/SO's. One even knew me from this blog (waving hi!). I have not yet read the book, but it'll be in my next order.
Mmmm..... Chocolate! 
(photo by Visualanties, LLC - hope it's OK to post)

This picture from the party shows my new, black-flowered Vera Bradley purse (purchased half price at RueLaLa.com). I love her patterns, and this bag is a nice size with many useful compartments, including handy outer pockets where I kept my Metrocard and other cards. However, I started noticing that I had to swipe the turnstile multiple times, and other cards were also failing. Apparently the handy magnetic pocket closures were interfering with the cards. I switched to the opposite compartment and that seems far enough away to solve the problem.

The picture cuts off so you don't see the brown shoes that don't match my black outfit. I have the same shoes in black, but the heels are so worn down I stand lopsided and they need to be repaired or trashed. I also have black flats with large holes in the sole - nope. Searching in the dusty bottom of my closet, I found a seemingly unworn black pair with a higher heel than I like, which I could barely get on (can feet gain weight?). Then there was a summery open style which felt OK, but the top front snapped apart when I started walking. I guess they were so old they petrified. At that point, I was running late for the party, so wore the brown pair. Brown is the new black, right?


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