Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Sweet Dolly revisited

I'd been meaning to get a camera for a while (don't have a cell phone or other picture-taking device), and saw a great bargain on an HP. Turns out it's a 2007 model and came without various accessories. So I had to order photo lithium batteries, a USB cord, case, and memory card, making it not as much a bargain. Should be fine, though.

The first (and only) picture I took was this one of Sweet Dolly:

In case you don't remember Sweet Dolly, see the conversation at the end of the linked post.

I didn't set up the camera by Mother's Day, but did in time for my sister's birthday 2 days later, where Sweet Dolly's photo wished Linda a Happy Birthday on Facebook. Her response: "What happened to Happy Mother's Day? Ungrateful Dolly."

Poor Sweet Dolly has issues (and her arms are about to fall off). Luckily she's an inanimate object and doesn't complain too much.

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