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I still have to do a tournament write-up, but it's easy enough to cut and paste my book reviews from other sites (don't know why the margins are messing up).

"The Glitterati" by Charlotte Payne - Glamorous model, glamorous photographer, glamorous fashion magazine editor, working in New York City circa 1980. Usually I eat up this sort of thing, but... yawn. Never felt like I really knew or cared about these characters.

"Creatures of Habit" by Julie Baumgold - Similarly, one would think this book about rich, Manhattan socialites would be right up my alley, but I couldn't get into it. Every time I picked it up, I'd forget all the characters. I finally gave up after 87 pages.

"Somebody Else's Man" by Daaimah S. Poole - I am not a young black woman, but could still enjoy reading about the ups and downs of Nikki, who struggles with life (father who she never knew dies, contractor's scam forces her to move back in with mom), love (sneaking around with a married man, then meets handsome stranger who seems too good to be true), and work (hotel management) in Philadelphia. It seemed real enough until a twist at the end made me go, "Oh, come on." Still, it's fiction. The book jacket confused me by mentioning her friend "Kia" who was actually "Tia."

"The Infidelity Pact" by Carrie Karasyov - Four LA wives seeking excitement make a pact to have extramarital affairs. This leads to deceit, murder and mayhem. Desperate housewives indeed.

"American Rust" by Philipp Meyer - People in a Pennsylvania steel town try to survive day-to-day through grim circumstances. Relentlessly depressing and dark. If the aim was to depict hopelessness, it succeeded.

"The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids" by Alexandra Robbins -
Sometimes I read the College Confidential web site, and marvel at how crazed its college-obsessed students and parents can be. "The Overachievers" follows
students at a suburban Maryland high school as they navigate the same waters.
Makes me very glad to be an adult.

"Superhard Crosswords to Keep You Sharp" by Stanley Newman - These are reprints from Tough Puzzles, Newsday, and RH Ultrahard Crosswords, Volume 1, all of which I've done. That didn't make the last few puzzles any easier.

"Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #2" ed. by John Samson - This went faster than Mega #1 and seemed to be of higher quality.

"Square Deal Crosswords" by Patrick Jordan - Turns out these puzzles are CrosSynergy reprints and the book did go pretty quickly (finished in 2 sittings). Still fun.

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