Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Training Days

After being months behind, I'm almost caught up on online puzzles. BEQ, Matt Gaffney contest, CS, LAT, WSJ, Merl, BG, Onion, Tausig, and Daily Beast are now current, and I'm still working on Newsday (up to July 2009). There's also the rarely touched USA Today and Universal, where I'm in 2004 and 2003, respectively.

On paper, I completed Frank Longo's "Scrabble Bingo Crosswords" book. Because of the Scrabble-y nature of the entries, I had errors in 16 of the 50 puzzles. Eek.

As for NYT weekends (or days where the sprint factor does not apply, since I'm proofreading on paper and can't compare to the real speedsters, blah blah blah), I had some "doh!" moments:

Friday, 1/1 (Brad Wilbur) 7:34
Saturday, 1/2 (Robert Wolfe) 10:50, YTTRIT/SETTERS error at 43A/36D
Thursday, 1/7 (Xan Vongsathorn) 14:43, even though I got the theme early (oy, this is longer than the most of my Friday + Saturday combined times)
Friday, 1/8 (Patrick Berry) 6:46
Saturday, 1/9 (Chuck Deodene) 5:10
Friday, 1/15 (Joe DiPietro) 5:34
Saturday, 1/16 (Ned White) 7:40, SUD/DPN error at 28A/29D which was originally right until I decided it must be like Spanish
Friday, 1/22 (Natan Last) 6:00
Saturday, 1/23 (Karen Tracey) 7:26

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