Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,


Weekend puzzle times went back to the 6-7ish range and then got killed by Tyler/Byron. At least most people thought that puzzle was hard, as opposed to the Brad Wilbur that took me 9:54 but others had no problem with.

Friday, 12/11 (Mike Nothnagel) 6:14
Saturday, 12/12 (Karen Tracey) 7:07
Friday, 12/18 (BEQ) 6:21
Saturday, 12/19 (Tyler Hinman/Byron Walden) 9:57

Edited to add: I also got humbled by the Thursday, 12/17 puzzle by Francis Heaney and Patrick Blindauer, which took 8:02. I was so clueless I only noticed the duplicate HORSE while solving.

I finished the very enjoyable Patrick Blindauer holiday Kickstarter set, but made a dumb mistake in the meta. Patrick was nice enough to tell me my final answer was slightly wrong, and I found the error and resubmitted.

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