Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

More adventures in cheese

I had no plans for Rosh Hashonah, and thought I'd order in last night to celebrate. What could be more Jewish than Chinese food? But I wasn't in the mood for Chinese. Maybe Italian - chicken and pizza or pasta sounded good.

Another reason I wanted to order in was to get change. I had a Fresh Direct order coming this morning and had no appropriate bills to use as a tip ($3-5). I'm not incapacitated by any means, but didn't feel like going anywhere to get change (like across the street to the supermarket - I'm soooo lazy). So if I ordered just over $20 worth of dinner, I'd get dinner AND change for a tip.

I opened up the menu organizer I'd splurged on after seeing it in Us Magazine. http://www.knockknock.biz/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=204. It's a definite improvement on menus thrown in the broom closet, and only the most current menus are filed. Daniello's on Columbus has some good chicken items, so that was looking promising. Chicken rollatine $10.95 and a small white pizza $7.00, plus some zeppolis to get it over $20 with tax. I double-checked their online menu, and it worked. http://www.menupages.com/restaurantdetails.asp?neighborhoodid=0&restaurantid=786

When I called in the order, I asked how much it came to. I was shocked when the guy said $27! He claimed my menu must be out of date, and said they were out of zeppolis, the chicken had gone up in price, and the small white pizza was now $12.50. Huh? $12.50 used to be the price of the LARGE white pizza (and there's also a medium). Did it really go up so drastically?

That order would defeat the getting-change aspect, so I asked how much the small regular cheese pizza was - $8. That sounded more like it. As long as I was changing, I decided to get the slightly cheaper chicken Francese. This came out to $24 with tax and tip, so I'd get the change I needed.

Normally this place gives you a large container of pasta with main dishes, so I was concerned while unloading the bag to see just one container and a foil-wrapped square of bread. The spaghetti was there - under 3 pieces of chicken which totaled a mere 8 oz. (I weigh food when I can, to get a better idea of calories). Oh well, less pasta and less chicken meant less fattening - but it also meant fewer leftovers. I remembered Francese at other places as having an interesting batter, but this looked almost plain. Oh well, less fattening again.

And the pizza? Oy. The bottom of the box seemed a bit soggy, and opening it the pizza was almost soup. It reminded me of the pies we used to get at Games play-testing. I really couldn't complain since I wasn't paying (though I probably kvetched anyway), but the place Games used had practically liquid pizza. You needed a spoon to divide and serve the slices, and multiple paper plates to absorb the goo. This pizza was similarly mushy. I have half of it saved for today, and we'll see if it solidifies more upon reheating.

I don't want to completely badmouth Daniello's. Their white pizza is really good - but not worth almost double the former price. And their chicken rollatine is very good, too. I'll have to go over there and check out their menu to make sure the prices are really now that high.

Oh, I did get the change in ones and I tipped the Fresh Direct guy appropriately this morning.

Today's schedule: finish the job due tomorrow (4-8 hours to go), and go to Post Office to send out a pile of books. Happy New Year!

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