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Back in the Paul-SSR

One of the memorable moments of the summer, and indeed my life, was the Paul McCartney concert at Citi Field in July. Since then, I've relived the experience through YouTubes, and am reliving it again with the DVD/CD release which I received last week. I've watched it 5 times in its entirety. Obsessed, MOI??

The technical quality is good (MUCH better than the YouTubes). There's some debate on Web forums about the possible use of Autotune or other post-production (or even in-concert) enhancement. One poster claimed Paul's engineer told him there was no such manipulation, but who knows. I despise lip-syncing, but minor sound tweaking doesn't bother me. Besides, I'd rather they isolate Paul and the band than hear the audience loudly singing along (guilty!). You only hear the crowd during the official sing-alongs in "Hey Jude" and "Give Peace a Chance." I'm no audio expert, but I hear enough vocal imperfections to think it was not heavily doctored. The imperfections are minor; this is a great great concert.

I tried to find myself in the mob, with no luck (so far). Couldn't see Nucky either, and he was slightly closer to the stage. However, they did show the energetically dancing women across the aisle from me (twice), Barbara Walters (who was there my night, right up front), and (I think) my former co-worker (there on Friday). It's thrilling to know that one of those little dots is me; I was THERE experiencing the magic.

The DVD mixes up all 3 nights, sometimes within the same song. From the Web forums, I learned you can tell which is which by the floor seat-holders' wristbands (pink Friday, lime green Saturday, orange Tuesday when I was there), and by guitarist Rusty's vest on Tuesday. It poured for part of Friday so that's not used as much for crowd shots, except when they had to (e.g., Billy Joel was only there on Friday). The audio is not necessarily from the same night as the video being shown, but everything is edited together seamlessly. They even intercut "I'm Down" with the Beatles 1965 Shea performance (a clean copy of the current "I'm Down" is one of the extras).

Paul is just wonderful and his band is terrific, too. One review said his "young band ... marries old-world skill with spiky rock energy" and another said, "Seeing McCartney play speed guitar with musicians half his age is truly inspiring." In reality, these band members are much older than they look. While drummer Abe is 38 (which is more than half McCartney's age 67), I was shocked to learn Rusty is 50 and Brian 54 (not shocked to see Wix is 53; sorry, Wix!). I'm enjoying watching them all play and move and ... yeah, yeah, yeah!
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