Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Still not ready for prime time

I was all set to go to an NPL afternoon of games Sunday. I took out Humm...ble and Times to Remember to bring. My sleep schedule was adjusted so I would be awake in the afternoon. I had E-mailed my doctor to make sure I wasn't contagious.

Then I checked the mirror. The area around my eyes is back to normal, but the forehead has red marks (as opposed to the prior darker blisters). It's sore and itchy, which I guess is better than painful. So I decided to stay in. It's been 4 weeks now. I'm "getting" better, but I'm still not better.

This also meant I wasn't going to the Bryant Park book fair (just as well; I have too many books!). Or the stoop sale near the party in Brooklyn (ditto).

Events over the next month I hope to be clear for: dinner Thursday with distant cousins, bat mitzvah of a friend's daughter, Pleasantville, Great Neck hunt, class of '70 high school reunion.

I may try parting my hair on the side to cover it. Or just live with it. I'm probably being too vain. My skin wasn't that great before this happened either.

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