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Considering all the cultural events I attend, I could never live anywhere but New York (not to mention that I don't drive). Well, maybe London. Sure, you can see things on TV, DVD, or the Web, but there's an immediacy and excitement about live performance.

I didn't know much about Sue Costello, except that she's a comedian. I watched some video on YouTube before attending her show "Minus 32 Million Words," and worried I might have trouble understanding her Boston accent. That wasn't a problem, but the show was far from a laugh riot. Though there were a few samples of her comedy act, it was more the story of Sue's rough growing-up years in working-class Boston.

Even though I've worked in TV, it's still exciting to go behind the scenes at a show. NATAS, the Emmy organization, had an outing to a "Rachael Ray Show" taping last week. Nine women and one intrepid male got a pre-show tour of the studio and a Q&A afterward with the producers.  We were in the audience for segments of 3 shows, including Elizabeth Hurley/Evelyn Lauder (aired last Friday; I was next to some guys asking questions but never appeared onscreen other than a few seconds of my shoulder. I'm way over my 15 minutes of fame, so better that someone else gets a shot), cooking a fajita frittata and an amazing 90-year-old fitness trainer (these air this Friday), and Kaley Cuoco (not scheduled yet). The audience (who all seemed to be from New Jersey) physically rotates on a lazy Susan-type device to the various sets. The audience received a pita chips snack and tote bag full of Nature's Path Organic cereals and toaster pastries (way too much for me - I gave the extras to neighbors).

MoMA now has a Film Plus membership, which I joined. I then got an e-mail that boasted they'd scheduled FOUR special events for the year. Even allowing that we can invite a guest (and I did!) that's not nearly enough for the extra cost. We'll see how it goes. The first event was a sneak preview of "Where the Wild Things Are," introduced by Catherine Keener. Fantasy and monsters aren't my thing, but this had a gentleness and wasn't bad.

I've never been to the New Yorker Festival, but am on the mailing list and decided to try to get tickets immediately after they became available. This is a popular event, and everything I was interested in was sold out in minutes (or even seconds). I was especially hoping to see former co-worker Amy Ozols, but apparently everyone else was too (she suggested that Woody Allen's presence on her panel might be a factor). After this initial failure to get tickets, I forgot about the festival, and thus missed the opportunity to buy last-minute tickets that Friday or on-site. Oh well, maybe next year.

On Sunday night, I bit into some hot food and felt pain in a bottom molar. I sometimes have tooth pain on top which is probably sinuses, but bottom? Uh-oh. Still, I had no problem with cold food (or subsequent hot food) and the pain was not constant. Research shows that the issue is probably receding gums causing sensitivity in the tooth pocket. I called the dentist Monday. Since I was feeling better, I accepted an appointment for next week but if it gets bad, I'll try to be squeezed in earlier. I'm way overdue (like 2 years) for a cleaning, and they're so busy they can't book that until 2010!

I hate when things don't work (e.g., teeth) and feel so happy when they are repaired. Microsoft finally got back to me, and we got System Restore restored. Safe mode still crashes, and they said I might have to reinstall Windows for that to work. I couldn't find the disk (they claimed I had to get it from Dell. They're Microsoft: can't they send me files?), so they recommended letting it go since everything works fine otherwise. I later found Dell's disk but would rather not reinstall unless I have to.

Then I wanted to TiVo Rachael Ray and found it hadn't updated in almost 2 weeks (I hadn't turned on the TV so never noticed). I did the standard restart and then manual call, but it never remained connected through an entire call. The problem may be that there was a system update, which combined with the programming backlog made for a long call and line interference can knock it off. I switched numbers 3 times and finally got it to update (1.5 hours) and download the info (another 1.5 hours). The updated listings did not immediately show up, but were there the following morning. Updating continues to work properly so that's a relief. I watched a little Nightline, a little TMZ, and found that "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team" started series 4 so of course I had to watch that.

More events recapped next post.

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