Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Wishful Reading

Not really, I'm just riffing on the previous "Wishful Drinking" posting. I've recently finished these books:

"Loved Me Once" by Gail Hewitt - Maggie has a high-powered corporate job and is (of course) gorgeous, but her life is not perfect, with a difficult mother going into dementia and her finances not secure. She gets a job that reminds me of the one in "Citizen Girl," where there's a lot of business-speak without a clear idea of her function. Maggie also has not one, but two handsome billionaires wooing her. Now that's a high-class problem. Despite these snarky comments, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the sequel, "Love Me Now." Thanks to Library Thing Early Reviewers program.

"Open Heart" by Mary Bringle - Italian young widow Rafaella goes to Texas for heart surgery and meets a dashing documentary filmmaker, then returns to Italy. Will they meet again? This book (from 1982) went very slowly and I really didn't care.

"Laurel Canyon" by Steve Krantz - Judith Krantz is famous for novels about the rich and famous and her husband Steve (who died in 2007) was no slouch in this area either. Beautiful superagent Stevie Tree deals with her own past, scandals, coverups, and other business as usual in evil Hollywood. My kind of book.

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