Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Wishful Drinking

Forget about relaxing for a few days - I had a last-minute opportunity to see today's matinee of Carrie Fisher's "Wishful Drinking" and dashed down to Studio 54.

I had been at Studio twice before: for an alumni party in 1978 (which I attended with my sister and some of her friends; we danced, and heard Gloria Gaynor sing "I Will Survive" live), and for a work Emmy party in 2001 (we won, and I got to touch an Emmy). So I did not experience the place in its famous decadence.

The site was originally a theater, and now it is again, housing this one-woman show. My luck in one-woman shows has been good this week. If you'd asked my opinion after the first act, I'd say I loved loved loved it. By the end, not quite as much (tales of depression got a little draggy), though I still really liked it.

Fisher was born to celeb royalty and in the great celeb tradition has messed up, come back, messed up again, and so on. She comes across as sharp, witty and upbeat despite a history of depression, and is aware of her own role in pop culture (Princess Leia action figures!). The set is a living room and you feel as if your BFF is sitting with you dishing the dirt (I like Paul Simon, too! We both think we turn men gay!). While I was happy just listening, there were some multimedia illustrations, and a cute example of audience participation.

I happened to exit near the stage door and was tempted to wait, but despite now feeling well-acquainted, Carrie Fisher is not my BFF or friend at all. I'll have to settle for reading the "Wishful Drinking" book.

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