Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

How else would I know when it's time to defrost?

For the record, I defrosted the refrigerator this week, about a year and a month after the last time (according to LJ). In honor of the occasion and lack of refrigeration I had one Chinese and one pizza meal.

I finished another book. Volume 2 of Frank Longo's "Absolutely Nasty Sudoku." Toward the end, I got stuck even after writing in all the remaining possibilities so I need to learn more advanced techniques before volume 3.

On the subway the other afternoon a man walked across the car and put a piece of paper on the seat next to me - a sketch of me! It said "please tip if you like it" and I did. I should have gotten his name in case he becomes the next Basquiat. I put it in the "frame someday" envelope with the WSJ hedcut original drawing and Emmy award certificate.

I got notice Saturday that the antivirus software people updated the program to handle my problem, but the virus wouldn't let me install it. I tried a few things with customer service over the phone (this time, they were Americans in CA as opposed to the Australians I'd talked to when I first called in the middle of the night), but nothing worked. They are referring it to higher-level techies. Sigh. At least I have the laptop.

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