Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Good and bad

My desktop PC got the nasty Police Pro virus last week. I clicked on a web site generated in a Google search which turned out not to be the site it said it was, and before I knew it stuff was being downloaded. McAfee caught it and asked if I wanted to block or allow, and when I said "block" I got the Windows blue screen of death. It's unclear whether this was the real screen or a fake generated by the virus. I could reboot, but after that everything was shot to hell. Programs wouldn't run, annoying windows popped up, safe mode wouldn't work, the virus files couldn't be deleted, McAfee and system restore were disabled... oy it's terrible. The malware masquerades as an antivirus program but is very much the opposite.

Luckily I also have the iBook (and some programs like IE do still run on the PC). In researching the problem, a program was mentioned as a legit removal tool. But running it did not completely eradicate the virus. Further research shows that perhaps another program would have been better, but my infected computer is not allowing me to run that. I've been working with tech support to fix things but we're not there yet. I really hope I can get my PC back.

In better news, the long-awaited neighborhood Whole Foods finally opened. I've been there 4 times and it's gradually getting less overwhelming. This is about a zillion times better than anything else in the area. More stores are under construction including a Duane Reade, Borders and bank, which will make shopping so much more convenient. I'm still going to the small grocery for standard items, as I'd hate to see them go out of business. But Fresh Direct may suffer (WF has similar produce and meat/fish); I'm not sure how much I'll order from them after my delivery pass expires next spring.

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