Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Raspberry Passion juice makes up for MoMA sell-out

Yuck, it's hot! My apartment is a southern exposure and heats up like an oven. I have an air conditioner but it's not very effective so I try to be out in better air-conditioning whenever possible.

On Tuesday night, I went to my third Mostly Mozart concert of the season. I got there early so I could make the most of the open preconcert seating, and sat in the third row, aisle seat, of the left section, with a prime view of the piano. Shortly before showtime, a couple came who had that seat for the regular concert. We explained it's open seating, but the man indignantly said he wanted to sit in HIS seat, so I said, "Fine!" and moved (even though I was within my rights to stay put - early bird catches the worm!) and went a few rows back, further left. The first seat I tried had a blocked view so I continued moving left until I could see. Meanwhile, the people next to where I was (a group of 2 couples) did NOT generously move, so the ticketholders apparently went to get an usher. Whatever, I didn't see them again. And then someone came and sat in my old seat. Oh well. I just did not want to argue with that man.

The preconcert was young pianist Alexander Gavrylyuk. playing Chopin and the mind-boggling "Mephisto Waltz" by Liszt. For the rest of the concert, my ticketed seat was the rightmost seat in row V. I could have moved to an upper tier to see the piano but didn't want to make waves and stayed. The conductor liked the last movement of the first piece so much he had the orchestra play it again! Soloist Jeffrey Kahane was smooth in a Mozart piano concerto I wasn't familiar with. Nice, cultured evening after that rocky beginning. I learned from his Facebook status that former NYT employee J was also there, but I didn't see him.

I left to bolts of lightning and claps of thunder, and nixed the idea of walking to my next stop, the Times (puzzles were ready that afternoon). I exited the subway to water cascading down the stairs. What a relief to get inside! No big problems, but the late start meant I didn't finish until 3am (but I preferred to get it over with Tuesday in order to leave Wednesday free). And I had only eaten grapes all day, so had to belatedly have dinner after cabbing it home. I took the lazy way out and boiled up some frozen pierogies.

Because Wednesday was clear, I was free to go to a matinee and chose "A Lifetime Burning" at 59E59. This was in a larger theater than the shorts series (I'll be seeing the other shorts series in a few days). Quite a nice space. The play was about a James Frey-like author (Jennifer Westfeldt) who writes a dubious memoir and the impact on her sister and her editor (all wonderfully played), with a flashback to her relationship with a young Hispanic guy she tutors. Lots of New York and media references. It flagged just a bit at the end.

Next, I planned to see "Casino Royale" at 4 and "Blade Runner" at 6:30 at MoMA, but I walked over just before 4 to find both sold out! So I went home, stopping for groceries on the way . They had Minute Maid Light Raspberry Passion, for the first time in months! I got 2. I was planning to read on the terrace but never got around to it (I suppose I still could).

I have a backlog of online puzzles going from June, so it might be nice to solve them to prepare for Lollapuzzoola. Speed solvers were asked to compete, and I can't decide if I should be serious about it (wear glasses, bring portable light) or just wear contacts, maybe not see too well, and have fun. Serious is winning.

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