Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

NPL convention - Saturday/Sunday July 11/12

The convention never ends. The Tremont still has not corrected their billing error. I was nice enough to tell them the error is now in my favor, so I'm done unless they overcharge me again.

I probably could have made it to breakfast and the business meeting Saturday, but had a very leisurely morning and started the day at lunch. I was eating the standard cold cuts when I noticed someone had a delicious-looking risotto. I immediately ditched what I hadn't finished and went to the risotto station which I hadn't previously noticed.

Having the photo taken after lunch was good since it freed up the late afternoon, not that I did anything with that time.

As usual, I didn't do very well in the afternoon pencil puzzles. The NPL is one of the few places I feel dumb. My team would have done well in Splattergories, except we included one item in a category that didn't fit the rule.

I don't remember much about dinner or the talk on French wordplay.

For the treasure hunt, I signed up as a runner even though I'm not physically able or willing to run. I'd heard horror stories of stroller teams where no one wanted to finish or no one knew anything. Not all strollers are weak puzzlers, but I prefer to solve quickly and took the risk of ending up on a team of speedy young go-getters who would be annoyed at me. Luckily, my team of Artistry, Tyger, and Donimo were willing to take elevators wherever possible and minimize physical strain (except for that one time we climbed 3 flights of stairs in the steep and claustrophobic stairwell). 530nm330Hz joined us after the Sabbath ended. We finished 17th and were fine with that.

I think I covered after-hours games in the last con entry, since by now I have no memory of what I played on Saturday.

Sunday morning I made it to breakfast, but didn't notice the toast/bagel table. I need to check all food possibilities before assuming they're not offered. I was taking the 12:15 Bolt bus and it turned out Cazique was, too. We made it through most but not all of the closing. My teams won 2 prizes, and I took some sudoku books from the C table. We took a cab to the bus stop, and were able to sit in our own rows even though this bus was much more crowded than the one to Baltimore. Traffic in NJ made us late, and I finally arrived home around 5. Jiggety jig.

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