Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Continued fun with customer service

Just when I thought the NPL convention hotel bill was settled, my bank account now shows 2 more credits and 1 more charge from the Tremont. Added to the 2 previous charges and 1 credit, this makes a net payment of zero.

I'm so honest I called my contact at the hotel to tell her there was still an error, although in my favor. She promised to look into it. This could be endless. Charge... credit... charge... credit. Get it right, already!

The automatic bank withdrawal for my cable bill did not happen at the end of July as it was supposed to (also didn't happen in June). I called and they had no idea why I was apparently unenrolled from the payment program that's worked fine for over 10 years, and said I'd have to re-enroll but it might take a few cycles to be effective. So I paid again with a credit card.

On Friday I brought over my rent check in person, but the office had already closed at 4:30 so I slipped the envelope under the door. I called this morning to make sure they got it, and they did. So one thing was done correctly today.

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