Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Crosswords: Always a Big Thing

"The Next Best Thing" blog is turning its attention from parking (whaa? People generally don't drive in NYC) to crosswords.

Dean, who interviewed puzzlers last year for "The Next Big Thing" and competed at Stamford this year, writes on http://deanolsher.com:

"Racing against the clock truly ruins the experience...

Today I decided to do the puzzle just for fun. And that's exactly what it was. Time slipped away. I entered my happy place. I developed a deep appreciation for the constructor, Nancy Salomon. The elegance of her mind set off fireworks in mine. The grid somehow seemed to engulf me, and I became attentive to the full pleasure of the experience in all its anatomy.

...the lyric that has earwormed its way into my head today is this: 'I like a man with a slow hand.'" [It's actually, "I want..."]

You don't often hear puzzle-solving described with, uh, quite that type of imagery. Mmmmmm. Yeah.

Oh, right...puzzles. I like to savor a clue as much as the next person, and the "aha moments" are indeed peak experiences. The weird thing is, I never feel like I'm speed-solving (and lately, I haven't been finals-level speedy). I just solve the puzzle. It just happens to come out faster than most people.

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