Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Book roundup

I haven't read very much lately because of the time spent on the first book.

"Mensa Absolutely Nasty Sudoku, Level 1" by Frank Longo - I picked this up from the NPL minicon prize table, since if I bought a sudoku book it would mean the terrorists have won. Proceeded to spend way too much time solving. Now I'm working on the next book, Level 2. I think the terrorists have won.

"Dorothy on the Rocks" by Barbara Suter - Actress Maggie is over 40, making ends meet in children's theater, and trying to get her act together in cabaret and life in general. She has her vices - in one hilarious scene she dashes onstage in front of the kiddies after a break, not realizing she's still holding a cigarette - but remains likable. Very New Yorky.

"Three Minutes on Love" by Roccie Hill - Rosie comes of age in '60s California, and ends up with one of the rock musicians she photographs. The couple cope with the rock and roll excesses of the time, as well as their own personal tragedies. The book dragged a bit for me.

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