Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

NPL convention - Friday 7/10

Writing about the NPL convention isn't as dated as it seems - the hotel still hasn't removed the duplicate charge. Currently, I've paid for the room twice; at least that third pending charge is gone. I've spoken to the billing person several times, and supposedly it will be resolved by tomorrow.  (UPDATE 7/28: The credit's on my account. Yay!)

On Friday of con weekend, I was probably going to see high school friend R who lives in the area. Except we hadn't made definite arrangements, and the e-mail containing her phone number was on my laptop, and my room's Ethernet was broken so I couldn't access it. I was able to connect in the hospitality room, got the info, and left a phone message.

Meanwhile, the guy came to repair the connection. He tried a new modem and new wires to and from the modem, and switching the modem and lamp plugs, and nothing worked. We moved the setup to the dining room table and plugged in over there, and WHEW! - back in business.

Housekeeping also arrived, with an alarm clock. The outlets near the bed were full, so I put it by the TV. For some reason, the clock was back on 12:00 (blink blink) every day after the room was cleaned, and had to be reset (good thing there was also a clock on the microwave). But at least I had a clock.

R called and soon arrived in front of the hotel to drive me around Baltimore. We went past Book Thing (free bookstore, open only on weekends), stopped at the Ivy Bookshop (browsed the puzzle area), explored some very nice neighborhoods including the area around Johns Hopkins, and talked nonstop.

I got back in time for dinner, with Jeffurry, Trick, Qaqaq, Famulus, Noam and I don't remember who else. I remember feeling content.

(Looking at the program to help recall the night's games) Beat Poetry with Rubrick was silly and fun. My team improved significantly at Mike's Face Value once we figured out a system, sorting the questions by letter count, and ended up winning a prize. I went across the table to join the Levin family for Pub Trivia, and the mix of ages (their young daughter knew the fantasy series cold) helped put us near the top.

After hours... by now, it's all a blur. I remember wandering around aimlessly feeling out of it and like everyone was playing except me. But I also remember Witz, Ai and I doing an Equinox extravaganza that we didn't quite finish. And playing Al DeSuda's and Jeffurry's Jeopardys. And Murdoch's funny Apples to Apples-like Bait game (but left when the cards started repeating themselves) and music trivia. So I couldn't have been that out of it. Some of these might have been Saturday.

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