Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

A convention so nice I paid for it thrice

As mentioned, there was a confusing notice about debit cards on con check-in. And when I tried to check out via TV, it wouldn't let me, and I had to go down to the desk and sign something. I just checked my bank account online and it's showing a pending debit card payment for the hotel, plus TWO more deducted payments for the full amount.

I called the hotel and they said that the pending payment would be removed, but didn't know why I had an additional payment, and to check during the day to see if it clears. Great.

In the opposite situation, my cable TV bill had a past due amount for last month. These payments have been automatically deducted from my bank account for years, but for some reason did not go through in June. Nothing changed at the bank, there's enough money in the account, and other automatic payments are being deducted correctly.

I called Time Warner and they said it was apparently their error and to pay the back due by phone (which I did with a credit card). All I can do is wait and see if the automatic deduction gets taken at the end of July. Great.

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