Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Work and Play

I've been thinking of myself as semi-retired but I have more work than usual, which put a bit of a damper on the holiday weekend. I made deals with myself about accommodating both work and entertainment.

After staying out late after the fireworks on Saturday, I decided that if I woke up in time on Sunday, I'd go to the 2pm showing of "The Best Years of Our Lives" at MoMA. The first year of membership, I saw 33 movies, but so far this second year I've been to the museum just once (to see the art with a visitor). I woke up at 12:30 just in time to go. The fireworks hosts, also members, were there, too, but we didn't see each other until afterward.

The movie was very good, as one would expect of a Best Picture. The story of returning WWII vets was emotionally involving and avoided corniness. It would be a cliche to say they don't make movies like they used to, but all too often, they don't. The weather was nice (no rain, imagine that!) and I walked quite a while but my shoes weren't comfortable and I had to give up at 72nd and take the subway the rest of the way home.

Monday's plan was to see "Sideways" at MoMA but neighbor J invited me to the SAG/WGA showing of "Public Enemies" and I couldn't do both. This movie was packed with rat-a-tat violence, which is hard for me to take. Johnny Depp looked too sweet and clean-cut to be a hardened criminal. The puzzles were ready, and I walked to the NYT afterward (wearing more comfortable shoes) and got that job done by 2am.

Today I needed to make significant progress on a job, but got sidetracked by the Michael Jackson memorial. Such great music: Stevie, Jennifer Hudson, that little boy... Wonderful speech from Brooke Shields. Michael looked just fine in a clip of a rehearsal last week. Many tearful moments; I lost it when young Paris talked about her Daddy at the end.

The work is still there. Time to do more.

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