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I prepared a posting about Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, but it's less than timely and full of insignificant memories better off unshared ("I remember watching roller skaters in Central Park go round and round to 'Rock With You'"). I was glued to TV coverage the first night, but it quickly got repetitive.

A puzzle by Patrick Blindauer was set to run in the NYT on July 1. On Monday afternoon, I got word that David Kahn had constructed an MJ tribute (Patrick's bumped to July 22). I ran down to the Times and did the necessary processing (it's a good thing I have no life and can do this). We notified everyone and it went live before the body was even buried. Except we didn't know about something called Times Digest, which ran Patrick's puzzle; still not sure who should have been cc'd on that.

June 26 was the 40th anniversary of my high school graduation. Yeesh, how did THAT happen? The reunion will be next year and has already started on Facebook.

I continue to take advantage of opportunities to see theater:

Tin Pan Alley Rag - I'm not into the music of Scott Joplin or Irving Berlin, but this play about a fictional meeting of the composers was very entertaining. I was inspired to read more about the men, and most of the story was true. Crossword blogger Brian Cimmet is "Piano 2" (unseen by the audience).

Dixie's Tupperware Party - This Tupperware lady talks about tops and bottoms, pits a gay and straight couple from the audience in a "rimming contest" and is not really a lady. Campy fun.

The Umbilical Brothers (Speedmouse) - Goofy Aussies. Charming, silly fun. My favorite was the bobsled impression.

There was a Pinkberry across the street from the Joyce Theater, so I tried it for the first time. I had a small cup of a new coconut flavor for $4.50 (ouch! it cost extra for the non-plain flavor). Tasting it on a bench in front of the store, I found no discernible coconut flavor so brought it back inside thinking they'd mistakenly given me plain. The guy behind the counter took a small taste and also noticed no coconut, so he made me another cup... which tasted the same as before. Back in again. It was definitely from the coconut dispenser, so they thought maybe it needed to be stirred some more. Oh well. Everyone couldn't have been nicer, but I don't think I'll be having this again.

The 39 Steps - When this Broadway show came up in my theater club listing for last Sunday afternoon, I booked it immediately. Then I realized that the remaining "Norman Conquest" play had a performance that day. Oh no! If it was also listed I'd be annoyed for missing out. Whew, it wasn't. I hadn't seen the Hitchock movie, but the play (which 3 of my friends saw in London - I have worldly friends) was fast-moving and fun.

Bird Machine - a visually striking fairytale with puppets about man's yearning to fly.

After getting a scary letter about the need to pay rent promptly (which it turned out was sent to everyone, but I didn't know that when I got it) I went to the office on the 1st to personally deliver my check. There's a special box on the wall for this purpose, so I might do this every month and save postage.

I had two offers to see July 4th fireworks, on both sides of the river. I ended up staying in Manhattan (less worry about returning home on a night when crazies could be out). My hosts have a fantastic high-floor apartment near Times Square, and after a Greek dinner, we watched the show from the building's large community terrace and then hung out. Fun New York evening.

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