Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

My ego liked 43-Across

My former game show co-worker David Levinson Wilk wrote today's NYT puzzle, which I did (on paper) in a slightly-fast-for-Friday 5:51.

Last time David had a Friday puzzle, it took me an even-faster-for-Friday 5:19, but some in the blogosphere found it ridiculously easy, and I ended up in a fight with Evil Doug.

Though today's puzzle was only 32 seconds slower for me, many had a hard time with it. BEQ commented on the Crossword Fiend blog: "David's a great guy. There's really not a bad bone in his body, and I'd be hard-pressed to say something bad about him. Until this puzzle. Jesus this beat me up but good."

For once, it's nice to be on the "that wasn't so bad" side instead of wondering if I'm losing it as I watch the sprinters sprint. (Though Dan Feyer took 4:35. Man oh man!)

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