Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Komputer Kvetching

When I first got a laptop in early 2005, I chose a Mac iBook so I could have the NYT programs in case I needed to work at home. Never mind that I don't have a printer so can't print the puzzles and solve on paper. In an emergency, I could make Across Lite files and go from there. I did do this a few times when I was ill, it was snowing, or whatever. Then we changed from Quark to InDesign and I got those programs, only to find the Across Lite conversion script didn't work. toonhead_npl  examined the machine and concluded I needed to upgrade my OS. I had Panther, and there's since been Tiger and now Leopard. I brought the Mac in twice, but both times the person I needed was out. Last week I finally handed over the iBook to the guys at the NYT for updating (we also have some new crossword page templates, so it was time).

They kept the machine a week and I got it back Wednesday. There's some updated stuff on there, but also some pain:

1) The Internet connection to my home wireless network would not work, and timed out almost immediately. Searching the web showed this problem was common with Leopard, and upgrading the DSL modem's firmware might help. I called Verizon tech support, who successfully walked me through the firmware upgrade. Internet access for the iBook is working again. Whew!

2) Classic is no longer supported. This only affects the Crostic Setter (an old Hypercard program). Toon suggested downloading SheepSaver, but the instructions were so complicated I ran screaming. Hopefully someone else can install this for me (or a different someone else will have to make the Acrostic files if I need to work remotely).

3) Across Lite was gone. Why they thought I no longer needed it, I don't know. Anyway, it was no problem to re-download both 1.2 and 2 from the NYT site, and they seem to work OK.

4) The InDesign to Across Lite conversion ran very slowly for Sunday-size puzzles. Oh well, I won't be doing this often.

5) I tried to open the Million Word Crossword Dictionary PDF which I'd purchased from Amazon in 2005, and got connected to the Adobe Digital Editions installation page. I installed DE, and the dictionary still wouldn't open and gave an error message. Apparently, because of the OS upgrade, Adobe does not recognize that this is the same computer I originally authorized. Turns out Amazon no longer supports eBooks (so their customer service was no help), and according to the Adobe forums other users are having this same problem. From the answers, it appears we're all out of luck. Thank goodness this is my only eBook AND I have another copy on Windows, which works fine (as well as a hard copy of the book).

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