Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

eBay can help me unclutter

I'm maybe a month behind reading People, US, Star and Entertainment Weekly. My other magazines, however, are YEARS behind. I stopped getting several magazines (mostly women's like Good Housekeeping) because it was pointless when they kept piling up.

Normally I throw out magazines after I read them. I recently pulled a 1997 Newsweek to read, and wondered before I threw it out if it could be of use to anyone. Checking eBay "want it now" http://pages.ebay.com/wantitnow/ I found that specific issue wasn't wanted, but a lot of other old magazines were.

So I now have 5 magazines listed for sale, in direct response to people's wants. One is the 8/22 New Yorker with all Target ads. Someone recently sold one for $52. I was asked by a potential bidder if I'd set a "buy it now" price, but I'll be greedy and see what the market will bear; 5 people are "watching" the auction, though no bids yet.

Checking eBay wants forced me to put my magazines in some sort of order, so I could see what I had. They were either thrown into boxes or just piled up. I'm not touching some of the piles for fear they'll capsize all over the living room (similarly, I'm too scared to navigate the Cosmos high up on a closet shelf even though I must have the 1982 issue someone wants). But I did put approximately half the magazines in order, so that feels good.

Going through the magazines reminds me I really should get to reading them. I did finish the Target New Yorker, and will next read the others I have up for sale.

I could easily read full-time, and maybe I will.

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