Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Eyes Right

Yay, had the last appointment in this series at SUNY Optometry since the floaters appeared six months ago. I scheduled it for 5:15 to insure I wouldn't still be asleep. Highlights:

Floaters and flashes are status quo
Retinas are intact
Vitreous is detached in the left eye, but not the right

I never had my regular eye exam with all this emphasis on the floaters, so the intern did some refraction and focus tests, checked my glasses, and determined any possible change of prescription was too small to bother with. He also cleaned both pairs (reading and distance), but could not remove the obvious scratch (which I've gotten used to) or some other marks. I think I can live with these until I really need a prescription change. I haven't been wild about the most recent contacts prescription, but that's another department (and would require another referral) so I'll live with that, too - unless I can't, in which case I'll get the referral and hope the insurance company realizes these other visits were NOT my normal periodic exam.

The intern commented on my Sundance tote, and got to hear more than he probably wanted about "Wordplay" and the ACPT.

I was relieved they didn't do the 3-mirror lens exam of the last few visits, which is so uncomfortable it requires anesthetic eye drops. But when the supervising doctor came to check, she wanted to see more in the right eye, so in went the mirror, a large hard contact which needs to be manually turned to view hard-to-see areas in the back. It wasn't THAT bad but I was happy it was over, and ended up not needing the lubrication drops they gave me in case it started hurting later at home.

Still dilated, I walked down to the 24-hour post office. I used the self-service machine to mail out a book, but it couldn't handle the large quantities of odd denomination stamps I needed so I had to wait on the long line anyway for: 5-cent stamps for the difference in ACPT at-home postage, stamps for the full postage of future at-homes, 1-cent stamps for other increases, and a book of Forevers. Yeah, I should have gotten out over the weekend to get cheaper Forevers.

By now it was after 8 and even though I have a refrigerator full of yesterday's Fresh Direct order, I didn't want to cook and picked up 1 white and 1 regular slice of pizza from Daniello's.

Now I need to grade all those at-homes I now have the postage for.

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