Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Puzzles this weekend

The blogland consensus on Friday's NYT puzzle was that it was on the easy side, even "too easy" (you will NEVER hear me use that term). Oy, not for me. I had an average weekend-type time of 7:33 (paper; my NYT times are always on paper, AND I'm sort of proofreading - I do the more careful proofing when I solve the puzzle a second time after converting to Across Lite - so they're not really valid times).

Saturday's was thought to be much harder. Not for me: 7:10. But with a mistake at 41A/32D, so that's like adding 8 extra minutes in a tournament.

Sunday was slow: 12:43, almost twice as long as Dan Feyer's applet time. Grrr, that whippersnapper! (who is about to become my 6-blocks-away neighbor)

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