Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Friday is the new Saturday

About a month ago there was a Saturday NYT puzzle by Matt Ginsberg which some blog commenters thought was insultingly easy, less challenging than a Monday Newsday, etc... and I finished it in a normal Saturday time of around 7 1/2 minutes and didn't think it was particularly easy -- or hard. Just right. (And despite the puzzle's alleged easiness, many solvers didn't entirely understand the gimmick.)

Friday's NYT by Joon Pahk got the opposite reaction. The general opinion was this was really Saturday level (to me, Friday and Saturday are interchangeably "hard") and a bear to solve. This puzzle also took me a normal weekend time of 7:24. So I seem to have reached the happy medium. Dan Feyer did it in 3:46, by the way (grrrr).

Saturday (tomorrow), on the other hand, probably broke a weekend speed record for me, just under 4. It's not really a Saturday puzzle, though, so that'll need an asterisk. I expect to see Dan and Tyler clock in under 2. :0

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