Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Sudoku, MoMA, Simpsons and Halal carts

Continuing my newfound interest in sudoku, I finished the other 2 books I happen to own:

"Sudoku Easy to Hard Presented by Will Shortz, Volume 3: 100 Wordless Crossword Puzzles" - The last 5 puzzles have 12 slots instead of 9 (they use the number 13 instead of 10, for some reason). I quickly found the use of 2-digit numbers makes writing in possibilities messy and difficult, and I gave up and counted the book completed anyway. And because I can't bear to leave a puzzle unsolved, I tore out and saved those pages "just in case."

"Will Shortz's Favorite Sudoku Variations: 100 Kakuro, Killer Sudoku, and More Brain-Twisting Puzzles" - The other variations are wacky shapes, wordoku, and hyper-sudoku with 4 additional shaded grids. My favorite is Killer, which specifies totals within areas.

I also found a British magazine of Killer Sudoku (and a few kakuro and regular sudoku) which was often challenging.

While I was on a math puzzle kick, I solved the book given out at the ACPT, "Will Shortz Presents KenKen Easiest Volume 1: 100 Logic Puzzles That Make You Smarter" by Tetsuya Miyamoto. Eh. This particular volume was easy, but I have a hard time with the 6x6's in the NYT (print and Web). I'm not mastering this puzzle type at all, and not interested in doing so.

In more productive moments, I've been grading the large pile of at-home tournament puzzles. If you're waiting for results, they're coming soon! I understand why the ACPT judges have a handwriting award - clear, dark, unambiguous printing is much appreciated.

The regular puzzle work at the NYT went more smoothly this week, with the KenKen placement and Acrostic program working just fine. Will's desk was moved, and not to the place I was told. But it's right next to that, so not exactly hard to find. And the printer connections still worked, so all's well. Almost all - there was no garbage can and the chair arms were uneven and I didn't know how to adjust, so I stole - er, switched - with an unoccupied desk nearby.

McAfee sent a notice they were renewing my Parental Controls program, which seemed odd since I'm not a parent. Apparently it was originally Privacy Service. After various upgrades, I wasn't sure I still had this so tried to download and reinstall. That somehow uninstalled the rest of the Security Suite which I definitely want, so I tried to reinstall that, leading to the entire thing getting uninstalled and error messages when I tried to get it back. Time for more Fun With Customer Service. They had me run a program, which allowed me to reinstall the main security program. At that point, I wanted nothing more to do with Parental Controls and canceled the renewal.

Finally saw a movie: Russell Crowe's "State of Play" whose journalistic aspects were reminiscent of "All the President's Men" and "Absence of Malice." I enjoyed it, but the plot was a little confusing.

After seeing 30+ movies at MoMA the first year, I've been remiss about using my membership, but went and (for a change) saw the art with a visiting NPLer. I could have sworn I saw "Starry Night," Dali's "Persistence of Memory" and "The Scream" previously, but they weren't there (out on loan, it turns out). Lots of other famous pieces by famous artists were ("Oh look!" I kept saying, as "Christina's World," the Jasper Johns flag, Warhol soup cans and Marilyn Monroe, and many others came into view). We also checked out Tangled Alphabets, Martin Kippenberger, and photos of the American West including Hollywood. I will be back.

NPLers Mr. and Mrs. Tex are also MoMA members, and we keep missing each other at various screenings and exhibits. I finally saw them last week when Mike spoke at the Tribeca 92nd Street Y. This was so popular they added a second show, so I'm glad I preordered a ticket. Even though I hardly ever watch "The Simpsons," the talk was very entertaining. Here he is on another occasion. A few of us ate outside afterward at Out of the Kitchen, across from where I first had Halal street food when I worked at the game show offices on Leroy.

I was going to take the visitor to a Halal cart after MoMA, but he'd already grabbed a sandwich and had to catch a flight. I tried the new cart in my neighborhood later. The chicken/rice platter was OK, but next time I'll ask for more white sauce as it was a little dry (I don't get the spicy sauce).

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