Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Tri-BOO-ca Film Festival

As mentioned, I was unsure of whether to attend the Tribeca Film Festival, as there's no Daytimer's Pass again this year, and I hate to be pinned down.

I looked at the discount ticket packages again, and not only do you have to commit to specific showings, but you must buy TWO tickets per film. Not a maximum of two, but TWO.

HELLO TRIBECA... There are single people out there who are comfortable going to movies alone. You are discriminating against these people (well, me), by making them buy nondiscounted single tickets.

So forget it! No Tribeca for me this year. Which is a shame, since I would have liked to support former coworker Michael Nigro (producer of the "Con Man" doc about Mark Kostabi) and NPLer Mr. Tex (writer of "My Life in Ruins" - though that's rush tix only). Edited to add: And "Wordplay" editor Doug Blush worked on Outrage.

Who knew a film festival would have a "singles supplement"? How very annoying.


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