Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

During the wee hours in a spurt of productivity, I proofread the 4/26 LA Times puzzle, opened At-Home tournament mail and readied it for grading, and put away piles of financial records (after discarding unneeded 2008 quarterly reports where the company also provided a yearly summary).

I haven't decided whether to go to the Tribeca Film Festival this year. They continue not to offer the Daytimer Pass (which I loved). There are discount packages, but you have to commit to specific showings. It's still Amex preordering period (which I could do), and some items are already "rush tickets only" including the Mr. Tex-written fest closing film, "My Life in Ruins."

Speaking of Mr. Tex, he's speaking at the 92nd Street Y Tribeca next Friday http://www.92y.org/shop/event_detail.asp?productid=T-MM5FA13.

While I was procrastinating on doing taxes, I resumed solving a book I'd started a while ago, "The Sudoku Code" by Francis Heaney and Frank Longo (otherwise known as Lunch Boy and Nucky). Strangely, I got hooked and did the entire book. I haven't learned all the solving tricks, and sometimes had to back-solve from what I thought the message would be, or skip some puzzles entirely. I was still able to come up with the final answer - is it too late to get a pin?

Turns out I own a few more sudoku books, probably obtained as prizes (since other than the above, I don't think I've bought any). So I did the entire "Sudoku to Boost your Brainpower" by Will Shortz. This had answers so I could check progress and even, well, cheat when stuck. Now I'm thinking I should learn more techniques other than, "This is the only possible number that can go in this space/row/column/box." But unlike crosswords, I feel like I'm wasting time doing these puzzles. So it might be best not to feed another potential addiction.

Because of all this sudoku, I haven't finished any other reading lately. Oy.

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