Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Star Magazine from 8/11/08 gets me thinking

*Ashton Kutcher is starting to gray around the temples. Demi doesn't want him to color it because she's self-conscious about their age difference, and happy he's looking more mature.  (itals. are my paraphrases of the Star items)

Because Hollywood is so unrelentingly fake, my first thought was that this item was planted, and Ashton actually colored *in* the gray to look older, instead of the other way around.

(Hey, lawyers. This is total conjecture. Don't sue.)

*Then-pregnant Ashlee Simpson's doctor told her to stop wearing high heels, so she had to give away her $760 YSL sandals in every color because they'd be out of style by the time she could wear them again.

What, Ashlee? Shoes less than one minute old are automatically out of style? You liked them enough to spend a hefty sum on multiple pairs, but not enough to keep them after they're not the newest thing?

Then again, I'm still wearing clothes that are older than Ashlee, so I'm hardly one to comment on fashion.

*Sarah Larson asked that George Clooney's name be left off promotional material for her appearance in Vegas because she feels she's famous enough and doesn't want to be regarded as just his ex.

Appearance - doing what? Famous - for what (else)? Star's online commenters have already covered this (e.g., from Donna - "Sarah, I'm sorry, Honey, but you are as famous as my cat").

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