Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men

Today's NYT puzzle was an eye-popping grid with 10 15's, by David Levinson Wilk. The many short entries made the longer ones fall quickly (my time on paper was 5:19, Dan Feyer's applet an astounding 2:55), but that did not diminish from the quality of the construction or the enjoyment solving the puzzle.

Then I go to the blogs. Jim Horne had a great interview, Ryan and Brian were thrilled they could solve the puzzle, Amy deemed it "magnificent." But over on Rex Parker, commenter Evil Doug (who is NOT multiple crossword champ Doug Hoylman, but a retired pilot) was unhappy (see 12:41pm comment) that he'd wasted 10 minutes of his super-valuable time on such unchallenging fare. He's made comments like this before. So I just had to respond (4:24pm comment).

OK, I was somewhat snotty, but his reply (5:36pm) was even nastier. Very, very nasty. Wow, that was really mean. Mommy, make the bad man go away! The name Evil Doug is well-chosen.

Remind me not to get into any more flame wars (especially with people with "Evil" in their screen names).

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