Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

St. Patrick's Day - Irish soap problems and more

They keep discontinuing products I like. The latest casualty is Irish Spring Sport soap. This (along with Dry Idea unscented roll-on deodorant) has worked well for years, but using Original Irish Spring makes me, uh, "not so fresh" as soon as 3-4 hours after bathing. Sport's ingredients not found in Original are triclocarban (which may have health and environmental problems) and PEG-12.

I'm allergic to many bath oils and scents (e.g., menthol eucalyptus), so having to find a new soap is a real pain. It's not like I do heavy physical labor and sweat massively. Why is a soap that really works so hard to find?

Speaking of Irish, I stay away from midtown on St. Patrick's Day (ick, drinking!) whenever possible. Up here, it was unusually uncrowded. No line in the post office. No line in the bank, where I deposited a "bailout check" from my mother. The sign on the Whole Foods site now says it's coming "late summer." Can't wait for the new stores. AND there was a Halal cart very close by; unfortunately, I was still full from the Chinese food I had last night, but I hope he's there again.

Speaking of getting rid of perfectly fine old things, I hate the new Facebook format. Part of the fun was seeing who your friends were befriending (oh, that person's on FB! I'll friend him too). Sorry, no more Live Feed, just a bunch of mushed-up junk. Also, it's confusing where you're posting, and intended wall messages can end up as status. I don't want to have to go to 300+ people's individual pages to see what's going on. Sigh. I sent an e-mail (got a generic unhelpful response), and signed a petition. The general reaction is, "Yuk!" and I hope FB listens. At least, one should have the option of the old or new format.

And the new KenKen on top of the NYT crossword is causing production headaches, too. Oy, don't ask. I was too busy at the Times last week to get to this year's book sale, which may not have been a bad thing (already have way too many books!).

Getting back into doing stuff in the city, I went to a piano concert at the 92nd St. Y Saturday - Shai Wosner, who I didn't know anything about, including if it was a he or she. It was a he (Israeli), great program including Debussy Preludes and Schumann's Carnaval. The next day I tried to play the latter (I have the music from my great-aunt's collection, but never learned it), probably causing my neighbors to cringe.

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