Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Gawkety gawk


I was reading Gawker.com as I do every day, and this item seemed typically media-elite, on another planet from my life. Kind of like when I watched "Sex and the City." I knew it was New York, and often recognized places. The stories were interesting, and often funny. But the show bore no resemblance at all to my life, and may as well have taken place in an alternative universe.

I had never heard of Elizabeth Hayt, so Googled and... we share the same background. Great Neck. Barnard. After that it diverges drastically, but what do you know. We do occupy the same planet. And that may answer the question of what Martha Stewart, Barnard '63, was doing at the party of Elizabeth Hayt, Barnard '84. Or maybe they just knew each other from being in the media elite.

Speaking of media elite, how totally elitist that Gawker now accepts comments - but only from people THEY have preapproved. Humph. I comment a lot on other people's blogs and don't know if I'd WANT to comment on Gawker. But I hate having to prove I'm cool enough to do so. Maybe their NY Times hottie with brains winner (that would be Will) can get me in should the need ever arise.

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