Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Spirit Awards results

Voting in the Spirit Awards (thank you, IFP!) makes watching them that much more fun. I had it on TiVo, but there were no real commercials (just sponsors' names flashing) so not much to fast-forward over.

The host Steve Coogan wasn't given much to do (and some of his jokes were terrible), the Best Feature song parodies were silly, and the audio wasn't quite synced with the video (there was cursing so this didn't seem to be a bleeping delay) ... but the show zipped along nicely. Lots of celebs could be seen in the audience, with the added bonus that I recognized filmmakers who had done Q&A's for us.

I didn't take notes, so don't have the order the awards were presented. I'll just go from the bottom of the ballot upward.

Best Foreign Film: "The Class"
Oops, never saw this due to the flu. My choice was "Secret of the Grain."

Best Documentary: "Man on Wire"
YAY! The field was very strong, but I absolutely adored this. Philippe Petit was there, and I hope we'll see him on stage at the Oscars. I was pleased that Margaret Brown ("The Order of Myths") won the Truer Than Fiction Award so she wasn't entirely ignored.

Best Cinematography: Maryse Alberti, "The Wrestler"
The film did look great, but my choice was Michael Simmonds for "Chop Shop."

Best Supporting Male: James Franco, "Milk"
Gee, he's cute. I chose Anthony Mackie of "The Hurt Locker."

Best Supporting Female: Penelope Cruz, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"
Yeah, she was good, but I went with Misty Upham from "Frozen River."

Best Male Lead: Mickey Rourke, "The Wrestler"
Super-strong field. I weighed and pondered and compared, and voted for Mickey. I'm not sure what he can do to top this performance.

Best Female Lead: Melissa Leo, "Frozen River"
Very happy about this.

Best First Screenplay: Dustin Lance Black, "Milk"
I voted for Courtney Hunt for "Frozen River" (can you tell I liked "Frozen River"?), but "Milk" was good.

Best Screenplay: Woody Allen, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"
This was surprisingly good, but I just loved "Sugar" and its writers Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck would have accepted the award in person, unlike Woody.

Best Director: Tom McCarthy, "The Visitor"
Surprise! Pleasant surprise, though I chose Courtney Hunt ("Frozen River" again), considered Ramin Bahrani of "Chop Shop," and expected Jonathan Demme ("Rachel Getting Married") to win.

John Cassavetes Award (under $500K): "In Search of a Midnight Kiss"
Didn't see this one, and voted for "Take Out." I wonder if Sean Baker split his vote by having 2 nominees in this category.

Best First Feature: Charlie Kaufman, "Synecdoche, New York"
Blech, hated it. As the nominees were read, my heart sank because Kaufman was by far the biggest name, and sure enough he was soon making his way to the stage. I went with "Sleep Dealer."

Best Feature: "The Wrestler"
My second choice after "Frozen River." Both are must-sees.

Onward to the Oscars tomorrow with different choices, but possibly some of the same winners.

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