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I have an Events tab in my bookmarks where I normally check entertainment opportunities, theater clubs, and the like. Since I've been busy with Spirit Awards screenings and then the Flu That Won't Go Away (making it impossible to sit through a movie or show without coughing), I haven't checked at all.

Today, for the first time in almost 2 weeks, I got through the day without a horrendous coughing spell. I didn't even take any cough medicine. Things are looking up.

ACPT weekend is approaching, and I'm doing more puzzles but not so many that I hurt my hand. I finished "Crosswordoku" by Patrick Blindauer and Frank Longo and even did the Wordoku portions (but allowed myself to get unstuck by looking at answers, and abandon puzzles if I made a mistake).

I also read:

"The Jury (A Paul Madriani Novel)" by Steve Martini - I like a good trashy legal thriller as much as anyone, but this was disappointing. A blurb on the back cover claimed "The suspense here is excruciating" but they must have been reading another book.

"Teenage Romance Or How To Die Of Embarrassment" by Delia Ephron - Maybe I'm too far away from teenagedom, but the angst wasn't particularly humorous or interesting.

I had a library book I'd renewed 3 times and was only on page 100, so I returned it, with the possibility I'd try again sometime. I thought the library was closing at 6, but it turned out to be 5 and I got there with 2 minutes to spare. The guard didn't want to let me in, but I pushed past him. I already owed 50 cents overdue fines and didn't want it to be more. Luckily, he was not armed or violent, and I raced inside and got on the long checkout/returns line.

I looked schleppy and had on glasses and no makeup, so sure enough, a woman came up and exclaimed, "You were in the crossword movie!" Real movie stars probably don't leave their houses to greet the public without full makeup.

Even though we're not in the prime Facebook demographic, a search on my high school class shows 62 members (out of 484 graduates, not sure how many are living), and 26 classmates have joined a new group just for us. Over the years, cliques and distinctions have been lost and there's a nice camaraderie and feeling of shared experience. And total disbelief that we're this old!

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