Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Sometimes this blog becomes a laundry list of books read and movies seen, but that's my life.

"Body Check" by Deirdre Martin - Hockey's barely on my radar, but this romance about "New York Blades" PR whiz Janna wasn't bad.

"'My Ox Is Broken!': Detours, Roadblocks, Fast Forwards and Other Great Moments from TV's The Amazing Race" by Adam-Troy Castro - I've only seen a few seasons of the show so wasn't sure if I should watch them before reading this. But I read it anyway, figuring I would never remember all the details if I later saw the shows. This was fun, especially for the races I saw but also for the others.

"A Hidden Childhood: A Jewish girl's sanctuary in a French convent, 1942-1945" by Frida Scheps Weinstein - Usually I'm fascinated with stories of the holocaust, but couldn't get into this one and didn't finish. A French Jewish girl spends WWII at a convent school in the country.

"The People Puzzler Book: Jumbo Edition" - Mostly new celeb puzzles with a few reprints (where I did just the Downs). Though several editors are credited, no one seems to be a puzzle expert, as I found the following mistakes while casually solving:
*"___ Only Love" for ITSA
*ORE twice in the same grid
*blurbs regularly give away answers
*"Braggarts have big ones" for EGO
*"___ vs. PC computers" for BUB. The original clue must have been MAC and someone got confused.

Movies (Spirit Awards nominees):

"The Visitor" (Q&A, Haaz Sleiman) - Richard Jenkins' (Best Actor nominee) recently widowed professor has lost his enthusiasm for life when he gets involved with some immigrants (including Sleiman, nominated for Supporting Actor). In post-9/11 New York, life is not always fair.

"The Wrestler" - the bigger theater was packed for this much-anticipated movie. Mickey Rourke's performance lived up to expectations, with art apparently imitating life. The movie is loud and gritty, but also shows camaraderie and caring among the participants in a sport I really don't get.

One more week of screenings, mostly movies I've never heard of.

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