Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,


When I was walking around Boston, I stubbed my toe and the nail has been black and bruised ever since. My sister the doctor told me the body would eventually absorb this. Last night, I felt something like a hangnail and it was the toenail, which now pulled off with a new normal-colored nail growing underneath. So the body does heal itself.

Last night the hammering/tapping noises were especially loud and annoying in the wee hours. I could hear neighbors yelling something like "Shut up!" and wanted to scream "It's probably the pipes!" but didn't wish to add to the cacophony.

I didn't get much sleep before it was time to wake up and get to my eye appointment. Blah blah blah, continuing floater anxiety, watch and wait, return in a month. In this case, status quo is a relief. Oh, and they finally corrected the referral expiration date.

Back home, I was signing for a package (containing 8 Spirit Awards DVD screeners - yay) and asked the desk guy if anyone else in the building heard noises and if there was a known mechanical problem. I doubted anyone was practicing drums or doing cabinetry in the middle of the night. Another worker standing there happened to be the one who spoke to me at 5:30am last week, and said the sounds were indeed coming from the boiler, and assured me I was not in trouble for making alleged noise. So that's a relief.

My eyes were still dilated, so I skipped tonight's screenings and used the time to nap. I have both these movies on DVD, but missed some Q&As.

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