Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Holiday hiatus

After the pre-holiday flurry (which this year was minimal), everything grinds to a halt starting this week, as people go on vacation and businesses close down.

I had a party in NJ Saturday, but my driver was worried about road conditions with the snow and ice, so we didn't go.

I haven't even been outside since the party 12/13 except for an eye appointment last Monday. They did an exam I'd never had before - putting anesthetic drops on the eye and then inserting (and rotating) a hard mirror-type lens to look inside. Retina is intact but things are still moving around. We're watching and waiting, which is nerve-wracking. They still didn't fix the referral date typo, and I asked the doctor to send a correction. Next appointment in late January.

I'm a sucker for theater clubs, and am now a member of the Columbia Alumni Arts League (CAAL), which I had not heard of until getting their e-mail. Despite the wealth of entertainment opportunities, I've been too lazy to go to anything recently. There were 4 movie screenings to choose from last Thursday (Valkyrie, Benjamin Button, Seven Pounds, and the Adam Sandler movie), and I stayed home.

Despite the inactivity, I've only finished one more book: "First Lady" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. This is an Avon Romance (which I'd never buy on purpose, so must have gotten from the laundry room bookshelf) that has surprisingly fleshed-out characters and decent, believable plot. The president is assassinated and his First Lady is persuaded to stay on in the job since the new president is unmarried. She tires of the DC routine, goes on the lam, and ends up traveling with a handsome reporter and 2 children who aren't actually his. OK, not that believable... but really not bad.

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