Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

At least I didn't buy more books

I bought both a tote-size and smaller pocketbook within the last 2 years, so didn't really need this (same bag, but found on Rue La La). But I'd been eyeing Vera Bradley patterns for a while and had a $10 coupon, so it ended up costing less than $28. The zipper goes all the way around, which seemed impractical (won't everything fall out when you open it?) until I noticed the second zipper pull which allows you to center the pulls on top.

My badly-needed slippers arrived. At first they seemed too puffy and high, and I could feel threads in the toe area (the princess and the pea of slipperdom), but I'm breaking them in and think I'll like them even though they're not exactly the same as the previous model.

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