Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I'm still being driven crazy by eye problems, but today's computer hell made me temporarily forget all about them. Yesterday McAfee signaled that it found and erased a virus, but apparently it didn't get it all, as I got a blank green screen on startup. Luckily I could get on the laptop to research this. The first glimmer of hope came when I found I could hit ctl-alt-del (which showed a blank list of apps) and then "new task" and browse to see my files. I still wanted my desktop back. Various suggested fixes weren't working (at one point I even bought a registry-repair program) until this one (#117). Whew! The virus and spyware scans are clear.

I went to some events this weekend. On Friday, I had a 6:30 screening of "Milk" (through IFP) and before joining the line outside, checked that I was supposed to be on it. Yes, said the guard. On the way out, I bumped my forehead on the glass wall that was not a door ("Just klutzy," I assured people). A blow to the head is not recommended for someone with possible retina problems (they said I shouldn't play tennis, ski, etc., and I assured them my most strenuous activity was reading). Happily, there's no unsightly bruise, just a slight red bump.

I had gotten there at 5:53 so was fairly far down the line, but did get in and went to the backmost row of the stadium theater. There was a Q&A afterward with the producers, director Gus Van Sant, and actors Josh Brolin, Emile Hirsch, Alison Pill, and James Franco. The movie captured the atmosphere of San Francisco in the '70s, but the anti-gay rights propositions of the time were not so different from today's. Sean Penn turned in a bravura performance in the title role. Being in the back row was less than idea for the Q&A, especially as the panel up front was not well-lit.

Saturday I saw a German orchestra (review of their Boston performance) in Philharmonic Hall. The last movement of Beethoven's Piano Concerto #1 is dynamite. Brahms' Symphony #4 seemed slow, but that's because I had the record, and my old turntable was fast.

Improv Everywhere welcomed total strangers at JFK.

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