Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Last night, as I was reading and obsessing over floaters floating in front of my eye, it seemed there was something new moving around in the upper left, and other things darting up from the bottom and shadowing the original large circlet back and forth. Internet searches showed possible dire consequences, so today I called the eye place and they told me to come right over. I was re-dilated and re-examined and the retina looks OK. They did see my new "buddies" but said nothing seems to be pulling on anything bad. This party going on in front of my eye is nerve-wracking.

When I stopped at the insurance desk, I was told that the 6-visit referral has a wrong date (expires May 2008 instead of 2009, an obvious typo since it was initiated Monday), so I look forward to bureaucratic arguing over that.

Before the floater invasion, I finished:

"Courting Fame: The Perilous Road to Women's Tennis Stardom" by Karen Stabiner - A 1986 look at junior tennis stars and their hard road to fulfilling that promise in the pros.

"Kiss the Girls" by James Patterson - This thriller had many plot holes (why didn't they check phone records?) but kept me turning pages.

Since reading was scary, I watched TV and mostly didn't notice the floaters. I saw 3 episodes of the new "Starter Wife" (wait, that's not the same Kenny. And who are all these new characters?), one "Hills" (so much make-up! And how convenient that both Spencer's and Heidi's sisters are pals with Lauren), a "Seinfeld" (Jerry and the gang attempt to meet at the movies. Complications ensue), some 2006 Winter Olympics (skiing, skating - I will finish these eventually), and "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 3." The last is exactly the same show as its predecessors, yet still I watch. I'll have to catch up on earlier episodes of DCC3 and "Starter Wife" either online or when they inevitably repeat. Then it'll be TWOP time.

Of course, I watched the crossword "Simpsons" on Sunday. Could it be coincidence that ELLEN is filled in in Ilsa's puzzle, as well as BAGEL and the oft-complained-about, nonexistent SWAG? When Homer and Lisa enter the ballroom, a woman in a longish blue dress on the right of the stage who steps back to look at her puzzle reminds me of me. Whether any of this is on purpose remains to be seen. I mostly liked the episode and its "Wordplay"-like graphics and music. Lisa's filling in only acrosses at first was odd, especially when it left the long theme answer for last. Later, she did use the downs. It was great that the puzzle on the show was the actual Sunday NYT puzzle.

Speaking of "Wordplay," congratulations to the team for making the Oscar short list for "I.O.U.S.A."! Fingers crossed for the final slate. The only other doc on the list I've seen is "Man on Wire" which is probably my favorite movie of the year.

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