Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

The Election

It's been almost 2 weeks since the election. There was so much hope in the air. My nephew and other friends and family were working hard for Obama, and Facebook friends were posting links and jokes ("I can see ___, does that make me a ___?"). Finally the day came.

Even though New York was not in question, I didn't want to miss participating in this historic vote. Horror stories of long lines filled the media, but I thought midafternoon might be OK. I went to the public school polling place at 3, and while the gym was crowded with people and 20 machines, my specific district had 2 machines (one not used at that hour), and a line of just 5 people. I was #215 at machine 2. There was a feeling of excitement in the air, but I think that gym felt even more electric in 1992 when Clinton unseated Bush the father. I clicked down the levers, and then realized I wanted to vote on the Working Families line, so unclicked and reclicked over there.

I then went to the post office and waited on a much longer line (but the bank wasn't crowded).

That night, I saw "A Tale of Two Cities," heard rumors during intermission (Pennsylvania!) and rushed home to watch the returns, switching from news stations to Comedy Central. I went in the other room to check e-mail when it suddenly sounded like New Year's Eve outside: horns, noise, cheering, giddiness. It was 11 and the race had been called. I went back to the TV, watched speeches, cried. Quite a night.

The following evening, I attended a post-election panel at the 92nd St. Y, billed as part of a comedy festival. But the comedy was drowned out by typical political talking-head arguing and yelling (and people asking questions about their own personal issues). Oh well.

Now the work begins.

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