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Last 1969 post until October 24

...unless I decide to post them early without synchronizing the dates.

Tuesday, September 23, 1969

Breakfast was OK. You can take a lot. J and I sat together, but a lot of kids were alone.

I didn't go to the seminars, but opened a bank account. I saw B [D's friend] who asked me where I was living and if I'd heard from N [high school friend he went out with].

We were supposed to go to Butler with J's sponsor, but they were registering for gym. I went to registration and changed sociology to anthro. They crossed me off the soc list but didn't add me to anthro. I went back to check, but the class has unlimited enrollment so unnecessary. Saw B again.

Went to the Presidential luncheon. My table was nice. One girl lived in Puerto Rico but knows little Spanish, others from Floral Park, Milwaukee, also M from my sponsor group. Duck was awkward to eat. I ate the skin when I shouldn't have. Also had salad with too cheesy dressing, buttery Brussels sprouts, fruit cup, croissant, pudding-y thing. There was a fantastic looking dessert - a big brownie, soft vanilla ice cream, hot fudge - but after eating so much I could only let myself have 2 tastes. They introduced the trustees, but most weren't there. The speeches after we ate weren't too long. We couldn't see the speakers. Professor L was supposed to be at our table, but never showed up.

Met L outside for a Butler tour with her and M. The stacks were intimidating. Saw a spooky kid in there. L asked me what math I was taking; she still isn't sure of hers. We said goodbyes, call if you need to. M and I talked about driver's ed.; she went home yesterday also.

To Barnard Library for a tour. J and her friend S were waiting there with another girl. S was worried about her Hebrew placement. The guy hasn't marked it yet. Her schedule is messed up and she needs that resolved. The library tour was dumb, with arrows on the floor. People sounded like they were reading from scripts. Pretty building.

We all went to Kent with S to see the professor who marked the Hebrew exams. While there, we waited on long lines to pay the bursar. In the hall were maps in Russian. Someone also waiting wanted to take Hebrew without coming to class. S left downtrodden. She almost got placement, but her grammar is not great. The course she needs is at night and she lives in the Lower East Side where she's scared to walk at night. J is trying to fix her up with someone.

Exhausted, went back to the dorm and rested. Dinner was not that bad roast beef. We went through the register and check-in list looking for other undergrads. L from our high school class of '67 is a transfer here, so we visited her. She looks older than I remembered, has an unusual voice and laugh. She liked [her school] but almost died last year (heart stopped from penicillin). She said most of the undergrads in Johnson are engineering kids who are like stuffy nuclear physicists. She met a lot of Harvard boys at the Law mixer, thinks Columbia kids are very intelligent but SO many nerdy Jews [my kind of guys!]. There was an alarm scare the first night she was here. She kicked us out to attend a "transfer function"; transfers register last.

J went to an art exhibit in McIntosh, but I was all dirty and tired. She came back and had met lots of boys, including a cute grad student; the football team offered to escort her home. She went to call her boyfriend [at another college]. I had called home before and was happy to speak to everyone. The buzzer rang, and they said J had a caller in the lobby. We both went down to see, and it was the grad student! They sat in the living room, and I went back up. After he left, we talked to our neighbors F next door and M (library student). We all thought the dorm was impersonal and we should have a floor meeting. F overheard me saying later she had a motherly attitude.
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