Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Shop Til You Drop

I've been scanning my purchases for Shoppers' Hotline since 2005, but sometimes I forget. They called yesterday to say I had no activity since October 1 and my membership would be canceled if I didn't scan in the next few days. I could swear I've scanned in the last 2 weeks, but who knows. I scanned some items in my refrigerator and hoped it would take.

They'd sent a debit card for rewards back in January, which was still sitting in a box where I keep their mailings. It had a website on the back to check the balance... and lo and behold, there was money on there! I'm not sure if this is normal or if I won a sweepstakes.

I'm determined NOT to use this on books (I have rewards from my B&N and Amazon cards for that), so I've gotten:

1) Slippers (mentioned in last posting)

2) Digital ear thermometer

3) Worldwinner deposit - At one time, I was playing so much my hand was cramped and way too much more money was going out when coming in. It didn't help that they discontinued their crossword game. After stopping cold turkey last year, I've still occasionally played free warmup Scrabble Cubes. We'll see if I'm back on the road to ruin, but so far so good.

4) VistaPrint - They constantly send discount offers, and I previously got two kinds of business cards (one with this blog as a URL, another with my MediaBistro resume) with a case, a 2009 calendar, and a stamp (unfortunately, smudgy) with Bookcrossing.com for book cataloging. So now I ordered some personalized items for my mother's 80th birthday (she'll never read this, but I'll be vague anyway), and holiday cards with a picture of my building to use for staff tips. The fun never stops!

And there's still some left. Whee!

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