Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Books I read

"Some Do" by Jane DeLynn - I couldn't relate to this novel's feminists and radicals of '60s-'70s Berkeley.

"Admissions" by Nancy Lieberman - I loved every page of this wicked, funny novel of crazed New Yorkers going through the process of elite private school admissions.

"Between Here and April" by Deborah Copaken Kogan - I liked this novel much more than the author's memoir "Shutterbabe." Lizzie investigates an almost forgotten gruesome childhood incident.

"Maynard and Jennica" by Rudolph Delson - Told from the viewpoint of multiple narrators, this romantic novel and its characters just didn't grab me.

"Girls Most Likely" by Sheila Williams - Four (fictional) black women who first bonded in '60s Ohio look back on their lives and loves.

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